Heat Exchangers

Field Service

  • Onsite Removal & Installation of Plates
  • Individual Plate Cleaning
  • Inspection of Plates & Gaskets
  • Hydro-Testing

Replacement Plates & Gaskets

We provide replacement plates and gaskets for manufacturers including Alfa Laval, GEA, APV, Mueller, Bell & Gossett and Tranter.

Full Reconditioning Service

Chemical Cleaning: Each plate will be chemically cleaned to remove any excess debris and all adhesive.

Dye Penetrant Test: Each plate is tested for cracks and pinholes. Early recognition of plate defects will eliminate possibility of cross-contamination.

Regasketing: Prior to the installation of the gasket, each gasket groove is cleaned and inspected to ensure trouble-free service. Proper adhesives are applied and gaskets are heat-cured to provide a secure bond to the plate.